All monetary contributions sent to the Goshen Baptist Association for Ukrainian Refugee Support will be forwarded to one of our three partners in ministry who are providing assistance to refugees in their area of ministry. The Ruth School in Bucharest, Romania is currently housing, feeding and clothing 74 refugee families from the Ukraine. In Sighisoara, Romania, Florine and his brother are daily taking water and food across the border of Romania into Ukraine and feeding refugees sheltered in border villages. Also, Igor in Moldova is taking food across the border into Ukraine feeding the refugees in that area. If you would like to contribute to these ministries, please send contributions to: Goshen Baptist Association, PO Box 296, Mineral, VA., 23117 and note on check “Ukraine Refugees”. We are a 501(c)3 organization and will send you a tax receipt for your donation.

Please continue to pray about this situation and for God to bless through it all. There are many Christians in Ukraine who are counting on your prayers and concern.

Update 4/7/22 from Ruth School Refugee Assistance:

“Within the first month of housing Ukrainian refugees, we’ve housed 164 refugees and provided 1240 safe sleeps.  We are beginning our second month of refugee accommodations with 56 refugees in our center and another family of six arriving in the next few hours” Brittany Garton

RuraLove Sales for Saturday, April 2 and 6 were dedicated to Ukrainian Refugee Aid. Total sales were $3,560.00 Thank you to our patrons for your support. We continue to receive donations.

To date 8/19/22 we have received at total of $19.931.00 for Refugee Aid.