Project Ruth

Learning to Achieve

Brittany Garton from Gordonsville Baptist Church in The Goshen Baptist Association is part of the ministry with the Roma (Gypsy) people. We hope you will consider receiving this newsletter. Please continue to pray for Brittany and the ministry. Learn more about Project Ruth.

Current Needs / Project List:

Check out our project list below of ways to enhance the ministries of Project Ruth. If you are interested in supporting one or more of these projects please e-mail us at

Gypsy Smith School 

Pledge your support for the Gypsy Smith School by encouraging your church or organization to commitment to $400 yearly to this ministry. For more information, please go to the website for Project Ruth.   
Warm Clothes

Provide hat, gloves and boots for Roma children in need. $20 per child


First graders and fifth graders receive new backpacks on the first day of school.

             $10/£6.5 per backpack
             $600/£675 backpacks for one year

Inspirational posters for school and chapel

             $10/£6.5 per poster

Chairs for Classrooms

             $25/£16 per chair
             $625/£390 per classroom
             $5000/£3130 for entire school

Outside Trash Bins for Ruth School

            $75/£47 per trash can with chain

Snacks for After school Clubs

            $100/£63 for one week
            $3000/£1875 for school year

Craft Club 

This club meets after school bi-monthly. Session costs include supplies for activities and snacks for attendees.

$50/30£ per session

Teacher’s desk and chair

            $200/£125 per teacher
            $1600/£1000 for all teachers

Shelving for Supply Rooms

Supply closets are in need of shelving to organize items for teachers and adminstrative staff use.

$250/£155 for shelving for two closets

Books for Library 

The Ruth School library needs children’s and chapter books in Romanian.

$5/£3 per book
             $2000/£1250 complete library

Multimedia Equipment for Chapel

Each Wednesday morning students gather for a time of worship and a brief Bible lesson. To fully engage the students, multimedia capabilities are needed such as projector, screen, speakers and microphone.

            $550/£345 Projector
            $250/£155 Screen
            $500/£310 Speakers and Microphone
            $1300/£810 Total

Dividers for Chapel 

Room dividers are needed to divide the school cafeteria in half so that the area used for chapel can be set-up for chapel and other school events permanently.



This facility will be built behind the Ruth School.

  *A playground fund as been established for donations towards meeting this large goal.