Goshen Baptist Association
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

COVID-19 Closures & Online Worship

COVID-19 Announcements & Closures

  • All April and May Meetings have been postponed or canceled.  
  • RuraLove warehouse and Thrift Store is closed due to the State's recent restrictions because of the Covid-19 virus.  There will be no deliveries or pick ups of donations until the restrictions are lifted (approx. date as of now is June 10 according to State).  Since the Thrift Store is closed, and it's the main source of income to help local families in crisis - donations of funding are urgently needed.  If you would like to help local families during an unexpected crisis, mail a check made out to "Goshen Association" with "RuraLove" in the memo - to Goshen Baptist Association, P.O. Box 296, Mineral, VA 23117.  100% of donated funds will go to local families in crisis and are tax deductible.  During the month of March and April $20,400 was paid helping families with mortgage, rent and utilities.
  • If you need to place an application for assistance, it MUST be done over the phone.  No one will be admitted into the office.  Call 540.894.8440 to fill out the application.  Since there are no volunteers to answer the phone, someone will call you back when available.

Goshen Churches Posting Online Services:

Please check back often as this list will be populated as we receive information.
  • Blue Ridge Shores: Contact Pastor Steve Whetzel for a weekly sermon in their newsletter.  cell 540.748.1284 
  • First Baptist, Louisa: Keep up with all that is going on in the life of the church on Facebook each Sunday at 11:00am at Facebook.com/FirstBaptistLouisa  Tuesday, 10 am prayer and Thursday 7 pm Bible Study dial: 1.978.990.5000 then 548621# all are welcome to join us.
  • Gordonsville Baptist:  Facebook.com/GBCinAction/ or voice only toll-free:  1.877.369.0926 with ID# 342840625
  • Louisa Baptist Church services are on YouTube - search "Louisa Baptist Church" and watch live-streaming Sundays at 10:30 a.m. or whenever you wish as well as Wed night Bible study.  Also live-streaming on Louisa Baptist Church's FaceBook page Sundays at 10:30 a.m - Click HERE for FaceBook link.  Church website: www.louisabaptistva.org
  • Mechanicsville Baptist - Broadcasting on Facebook; Also, Coffee Talk with Pastor Ted - Weekdays at 10:00am.  See website for more information:  www.mechbaptist.org
  • Note we will be live streaming Upper room service Friday 4/10/20 @ 7pm, Resurrection Sunrise service @ 7am Resurrection Sunday morning and then main 11am service as well.  Also, anyone whom would like to join us Wednesday nights @ 7pm we will be live streaming Bible study. 
  • Mineral Baptist Church:  http://www.mineralbaptistchurch.org/   Look for the link on the page labeled sermons / worship
  • .Live@https://m.facebook.com/mineralbaptistchurch/ 
  •  North Pamunkey: www.facebook.com/North-Pamunkey-Baptist-Church-417422098631966
  • Oakland Baptist Church:  Distributing DVDs to the members prior to Sunday's service.  If you did not get one, please contact Pastor Dennis Barton at drdrbarton@gmail.com, 804.997.9015 (mobile) or Ron Taylor at taylorre@comcast.net, 804.339.6067. www.Oakland-Baptist.com for devotionals and letters from the pastor.


Please Be Safe and STAY HOME  Many Goshen churches are having live services on Facebook or streaming to YouTube and more.  If your church is not able to be online, check for a sister church whic!h may have that capability.