Goshen Baptist Association
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Disaster Relief

If interested in training dates for Mass Feeding and Recovery (chairsaw and mudout) for current year contact  1-800-255-2428 to sign up.  In addition, please let me, Sherry Vick, know so that the Goshen Disaster List can be kept updated.  My phone number is 540-854-7828 and my email address is vicksav@aol.com.  Also, please be advised that this training is scheduled but if enough people do not sign up it could be cancelled.
Click here for information on:
For more information go to the website below:
I am the Goshen Association contact for Disaster Relief so please let me know of your interest.
Thank You.
We are here to serve.
Sherry Vick

Other Resources:
Associated Baptist Press has news on disaster relief efforts and so much more!